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  1. It's just pure bullcrap. Just dismantled these from an RVF and a SP over the past week ... The bottom one had the capacitor broken off and shaking. The workmanshit is a disgrace to the electronic industry.
  2. Yup, good capacitor brands include Nichicon, Rubycon, EPCOS and Illinois Capacitor. Original ones can be purchased in small quantities from Element 14 at Tai Seng Drive (http://sg.element14.com) There are those that make a difference in terms of response, pick-up, engine stress, headlight flicker and slight fuel savings. Although results vary from bike to bike. That's disgusting.
  3. Just a warning to everyone intending to DIY their own stabiliser ... Watch the capacitor that you use! The brand of the capacitor shown above is "LUXON" - a brand that has since merged with TEAPO ... A firm reputed for making failing capacitors: http://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18638 Also, it is dangerous to use a 16V capacitor in a voltage stabiliser for bikes. Rectifiers typically put out up to 15 volts at high RPM's, and in circuit design there is an important concept known as "voltage derating" when it comes to aluminium electrolytic capacitors. A 16V capacitor is very unlikely to last even 3 months without depleting significantly. Google to find out more, because I don't want to post the techie geeky stuff and formulas here. A long-life capacitor of at least 25V should be used instead. When a capacitor fails, it does so gradually so the effect of having the stabiliser there "fades away". You will know when after a few months you remove the gadget and feel no difference. Also ... When the components are not properly sealed and waterproof, rust will set in over time due to rain and condensation. Next comes short circuits and maybe even a blown ignition fuse while riding. A properly-built stabiliser with good components will definitely improve response and pick-up, reduce the amount of engine braking / stress, and on most bikes cause a little bit of fuel savings. But a poorly-built one could lead to the hospital bed or coffin when the engine dies and there's a speeding car behind. Do exercise due caution and seek an engineer's help when making such DIY gadgets, because accidents on 2 wheels are no joke.
  4. A proper and good stabiliser will improve your bike's response and pick-up at least slightly. At lower RPM's or with all sorts of after-market accessories like alarms and HID, the voltage across the CDI dips slightly resulting in lower spark energy.
  5. There are chargers for iPhone/Android etc here: http://www.facebook.com/esystemssg ... Cigarette lighter sockets too, for those who have the original car charger
  6. Yes, KOSO meters can be fitted on the CBR400. Most people in Singapore use the RX1N, RX2 and RX2N+. Avoid the RX2 as everytime you flash a driver with the high beam, the backlight colour changes. You will end up having to high beam 6 more times and probably get punched, to change the colour back. It's also more difficult to calibrate the speed sensor for the RX2. You can get the meter from Lim Ah Boy, and no the meter does not consume a lot of battery power. In fact it consumes less current than the stock meter which already has a few power-hungry backlight bulbs.
  7. Oil pan gasket? Or could be the seal behind the front sprocket - look out for oil dripping out around there ...
  8. Bump ... It's Chinese New Year again, so the information above may come in useful ...
  9. Search Garage Sales section for 2nd hand pipe? Anyway fix le, need to ensure the carb settings match ... If not u are just getting the pipe for the noise, performance may be affected K&T? Normally they keep some spares cos they fix a lot of RVF ...
  10. Yes, this is the mechanic who detected the problem of my broken Polini reeds some time back ...
  11. Yup, like ST Engineering ... Certis Cisco is making big bucks ... LOL
  12. Have ... Shouldn't they be busy with the YOG?
  13. thanks bro are you ah pui frens ?? thanks alot

  14. Help u to post already, a few pages back. Have also sent out an SMS to some of the Aprilia riders who I know. Anyway ... MGTS?
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