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  1. Hi, Sorry to hi-jack the thread. I need to clear some space in my storage area... stuff in there has to go! Here's the ad that i put up previously. Now, everything that is still un-sold will go for half price. Haven't edited the ad yet, just thot i'd give you guys first dibs. ad: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/336234-Ducati-Monster-Parts-for-sale-(Ducati-Performance-Rizoma-Brembo-Ohlins...) Most parts are specific to S2R/S4R. if you guys are in to mods, or need some spares, now's as good a time to get it as any. some pics here... brake disks: http://dl
  2. Hey Everyone, we are celebrating our Monster lovers 3rd year anniversary, (acc to [email protected]), next saturday. We had a good get together last year at the Summit. This year's theme is 2 fast 2 furious Halloween party @ Playfair. So be spontaneous and sign up soon so I can collate orders. Newcomers all welcomed. Date: 31st October 2009 Time: 6pm - late (Rain or Shine Event) Venue: Dryice's garage @ 81 playfair road (kindly offered by him) Itinerary: BBQ dinner, TCSS, followed by a late night ride to Yishun dam for Ice Cream Cost: $10 per person, if costs extra, I sponsor (if anyone wants to co-
  3. try this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/7-H6024-6014-H4-EURO-STYLE-HEADLIGHTS-WITH-CITY-LIGHTS_W0QQitemZ330303133587QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories?hash=item4ce799d793&_trksid=p4506.m20.l1116#ht_2702wt_1018 cheap and good alternative to the expensive OEMs... alternatively, you can get it from BMW too (models: R60/70/80/100). check your headlamp glass part number (i'm assuming only the glass is broken...): bosch part# : 1305604904 BMW part# : 63121358147 if the bosch part# tallies with what yours is now, then it is good to go. got all this info
  4. hi! thank you very much. mine are dual discs... appreciate your input... cheers!
  5. hi guys, i've just realized that my brake lines cannot fit the upgraded Brembos. anyone out there with brake lines lying around at home? i need those with the banjo bolts at an 70degree angle, as compared to my stock ones with only about 20degrees. any help would be very much appreciated. i need to get them fixed! cheers!
  6. sorry for the thread jack... just in case anyone is looking for parts... http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=248756
  7. Combined Motor Trading 176 Sin Ming Drive Sin Ming Autocare, #02-01 Singapore 575721 Tel: 64513386 They do Harleys and BMWs too. BTW, which Ducati model does she have? Rizomas are pretty straightforward when it comes to installation. just need to make sure you get the specific parts for the specific model. well... some are pretty universal though... eg. grips, mirrors, blinkers and the like... i can help you out if you like. with the economy in uncertainty, no need to pay extra $$$ just for installation...
  8. ehhh... new to your 'group'. so maybe someone can point me in the right direction to the bus-stop? sorry... i could be wrong, but i would suppose the particular meeting place is along AYE towards Tuas?....
  9. 01. singhla 02. easy2findme 03. rizaljasni 04. alex 05. hongster (can i join you guys?) 06.
  10. thought the 695 comes with 2 low mount pipes??? if you wanna convert, there are some considerations you'll need to think about: 1) high mount slip-ons (obviously...) 2) high mount pipe mountings 3) mid-pipe (connects the high mount to the header) 4) you'll also need to check for clearance/fitment issues. high mounts are not meant for 695, design-wise, but can be converted. i reckon the termi's can be used with the stock ECU, but you may run into lean/rich issues. the DP ECU is meant for the bike to be mapped into race mode, so that the bike can break the 11k~12K RPM. the termis are r
  11. the fat ones are magura bars. as far as i know, they'll fit the S*R series. not for the 400's...
  12. i have the same bike... was running it on the Termi racing slip-ons and racing ECU, until a few months ago when i got rid of the ugly udder. instant WOW!! no matter what you do/buy, you have to get rid of the udder, if not, it wouldn't make a difference... the titanium arrows sounds great with the baffles off BTW...
  13. hi, will definitely be there, that is if it doesn't rain in the morning... i will proceed there with a coupla of frens, on our own, so no need to wait for us. see you guys at PG!
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