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  1. Goodridge , HEL n Venhill r good brands . Most reputated shops carry them.
  2. The OEM batt should cost arnd $180 at Automachinery .
  3. Who say they cant fly ? Let them buang at high speed n c if superman can catch up wif them anot .
  4. Dropped my psp into the sea when i went fishing , looks like i need to get a new psp slim soon .
  5. Yup , if its the same car . I got tailed by it from TPE after tampines all the way until yishun in which i left it behind in a sea of heavy traffic . I was carrying a pillion n from my rear mirror , i could c the car very clearly n i was very irritated by the hid lights reflecting in my mirror . If i had no pillion tat day , i believe tat car might have been a good subject to play wif while on my way home n keep me entertained .
  6. Their address is in the advertisors board thread . http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=42
  7. Is tat vios white n have HID headlights ?
  8. Gen1 Fazer 1000 is carb model : http://www.motorbikestoday.com/reviews/Images/yam_fazer1000_1.jpg Gen2 Fazer 1000 (FZ1S) is FI model : http://www.motorbike-search-engine.co.uk/2006_Bikes/FZ1S.jpg N the naked version (FZ1N) : http://www.motorbike-search-engine.co.uk/2006_Bikes/FZ1N.jpg
  9. Havent change my tyres since i took delivery of the bike , so far , i think it could be due to the tyres wearing out n the bearings need to change . Hope next mth can have everything settled .
  10. Onli original Yamaha Batt costs tat much . Yuasa batt from LAB costs less than $100 . I think batts r a bane of Gen2 FZ1 owners , i had the priviledge to have to change battery every yr . Factors might be my alarm draining it , n me seldom riding my bike . Anyway , the 1st original batt i have as spare now is being used to power other things inside my store room n waiting a sotong to buy . On the topic of bearings , when the front handlebar shakes when i let go my hands during moving , is it tat the bearings r worn off ?
  11. Unity is a good place to service bikes , i heard tat they r quite good in servicing yamaha bikes . I servcied my bike there most of the time . Cos i pay my instalments near there too . Mechs quite good , both Ah Pui n Ah Xiong r good mechs . Ah Xiong should be more into the tuning n dyno runs while Ah Pui should be mostly handling the servicing .
  12. Where can find the 1:24 one ? I onli got the 1:18 one . N its Gen 1 .
  13. Wah , u buying FJR n sportster !? Wah , i can drown in ur bonus .
  14. Loois used to have a v strom in the showroom , but not sure if its still there anot .
  15. On the NSH , the FJR is swift . Hope to c his new ride soon . It may have a factor in my next upgrade decision .
  16. New ones can try Sim Lim , 2nd hand one can try yahoo auctions . Or wait for good bargains at the upcoming IT show in Mar 6 - 9 .
  17. Maybe its becos those 2nd hand shops wan to pull a fast one on me lah , anyway , m going to sell my fat psp if any one is interested . Condition is ok escept casing some paint chip off . Getting the slim one if can sell off .
  18. Wah , can fetch so high price ? Mine valued at $150 onli .
  19. I think he cannot go into water , or else will merlion .
  20. U already paid more for the v-power liao . So , not much savings . The best savings is can get more mileage out of 95 grade petrol .
  21. Ur workplace got a lot of short hair ppl mah . U already got bff , still wan to talk fetish .
  22. There r many pts to consider which will culminate in having good fc . Have u checked ur tyres , pressure , chain , plugs , etc ?
  23. I juz had a bubble bath wif her on new yr eve leh .
  24. Any female u c oso got fetish lah .
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