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  1. Hi guys, I have a CBR600RR 2007 front rim for sale. Should be able to fit 2008/2009 - But please check with your mechanic. Rims are in good condition - My bike scrapped so I have left this front rim left to be sold. Rim is going at $265 (negotiable) FJT is selling brand new at $750. Shops are selling between $800 - $900. 2nd hand outside are going at $500. Please contact me at 81382066 for pictures if you are interested. Meet up at 650115. Cash and carry. Thanks.
  2. just a few km? that's weird. yea i meant your temp indicator cause cbr400rr older version is analog not digital. by right if more than half, your fan should on. and why isnt there any fan for your radiator? there should be. maybe your radiator's plug? the hose is plug? not doing well. best you go get it check. i remembered i change my cbr400 radiator hose altogether abt $160 back in maybe 3 years ago?
  3. hi. is your temp gauge working well? if it is working, nothing to worry. usually about slightly above half, the fan will switch on. does your fan switch on? are you cruising or going short distance? it all plays a part. bigger bikes tend to be hot, it's normal.
  4. hellooooo. i'm confused between michellin and pirelli. basically i'm looking for hard center and soft sides for normal riding daily to work and also going out. i'm riding a cbr600rr 07 model. would like to hear some opinions from you guys.
  5. It’s not something you can avoid or remedy; it’s not something you can easily let go of or forget about, either. The real problem is you can never be entirely certain whether the two of you met at the wrong time in your lives, or you’re simply toxic for each other. You may feel very strongly one way or the other, but you never know for sure. You can’t. You know you’re right for each other. You feel like you’ve met someone you can see yourself spending forever with; yet, you aren’t able to accept what it takes to make the relationship work. Arguements ensue. You say a
  6. greetings all. can i check if any CBR600 07' riders here? got a question to ask, do you guys have a pic on where to mount hp or camera on the bike without obstructing any vision? if its custom, can let me know where i can get it done at? thanks in advance!
  7. hi all, i'm selling my cbr400rr at a price of $2500, COE dated April 2018. i have owned this bike since Nov 2009 and this bike has been with me since. people who knows me can verify that my bike has always been maintained well by me. i understand the price is abit steep, but trust me it'll be worth it because you'll take over this bike without any worries besides normal servicing. currently, my bike is equipped with yoshimura pipe, cnc brake/lever. i have also changed all wear and tear parts during my time with this bike. all of these are proven with receipts i've owned.
  8. if that's the case. its 2nd hand rad right? how long or rather how old would the rad be alr sionce its 2nd hand? (:
  9. how much would that cost? i think my rad also pretty much gonna die soon.
  10. Hi, I'm wondering if you can sell me your honda sp as my first bike for 1.2k.

    Serious rider planning to ride for at least 5 years for army/uni. Do call me 98586269.

    If price is not feasible I'll pay by installment for the extra if it is reasonable.

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