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  1. my ride was slow as compare to FZ1......still waiting for any new design FZ1 fazer still the best
  2. 2day bouns day leh, so early sleep liao?
  3. i will ride hme from work n passing by yishun dam around 11-12mn, if the group's there i will be in
  4. yeah mi buying sportster1200 08 model, bike coming on june HUAT ARRR
  5. for poor guys like mi n sk, FC matters alot leh...mi just bought a bicycle, think i can cycle to work next time, unable to rode a 1k cc bike in singapore cos petrol is sucking mi dry....hope i can be rich in my next life to enjoy the gd life like the rich blue 06FZ1 is having
  6. alot of us changed from S4 to fazer, i also rode a version S last time even my 06FZ1 give mi problems sometimes, i still didnt regret buying it....it still a very good bike, think everyone agrees ride more, worry less
  7. ah beng signature looks cute sia HUAT ARRR
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