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  1. Hey bro! just wanna tell u, i bought over the fbc1594g X1r ✌😊
  2. yup, i always park infront of e exit...carbon fibre body bike...haha...lol

  3. yea rp. currently on LOA. sorry for late reply. u always park infront right?

  4. yea.. rp. you too??


    katsumi also fully mod his x1r as well. haha.. all wanna be racer.

  5. u scling in rp ah???

  6. nope...my is e stock red n white wan ah... e yellow is one of e rider there...he full mod of his bike ah, really like racing bike....haha

  7. team camel sucks. team aspar rocks. hahaha!

  8. hey racer. sleep whole day uhhh. we are looking for you. haha

  9. hey bro, was the yellow paintwork x1r yours??

  10. hey ******! such a waste for the r1 to go. hahaha!

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