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  1. Yo dude, whats up man ~!! Hahaha im Singaporean... actually, in a certain dialect, lawbah means braised pork... you see, my real name is Lawrence and im abit fat... so the name... hahah nice to meet u... =)

  2. Bro, are you a burmese?

    Your nickname sounds like a burmese.

    Saw many of your posts, but didnt have a chance to ask you.


    Fellow PKer..

  3. I share the same sentiments as Kiamh... To some people, this outing is just another outing. To me, this can be an important outing because i can see how the more experienced organisers lead. Most importantly, i enjoy being in their company plus i like adventures and trips. I am fully aware that this trip might not even be realised due to the fact that there are not enough people but this still doesn't mean that you can make fun of it... People see things in different perspective, $10 to you might mean peanuts but try giving $10 to a starving beggar or the tissue selling Ah ma and look
  4. I would say that the comment by Hunter is wrong but maybe he didnt mean it. Maybe its a bad joke. Also, Shirl took up the responsibility to organise a trip FOR US and i feel we should really appreciate it... At least i know i do. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice their personal time to organise, keep track, recce and arrange things. So i really admire her and other organisers for being selfless in this aspect. :cheer: It's only normal that when people sees Hunter's post, they get angry but lets hope everything will work out fine. We already have very little outings and we cann
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