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  1. Bro,i just came back from oversea attachment....U can contact me 91489148

  2. k bro..so what time meet you to view the suit and buy the suit?

  3. k..buying it on saturday after viewing it..tnks..

  4. e mail addres is [email protected] can view the suit? i'm online now..

  5. bro can upload the pics for ur RS Taichi suit? interested on your suit..how is the condition?

  6. bro interested in ur footrest, oversized discbrake n brake n clutch levers. how much can let go? contact me @82336753. tanx.

  7. my mobile no. is 91489148 :)

  8. u have msn or something ? add me in [email protected]

  9. me need ur rim and brake.. and the pair of brake lever... msg me... 82804444

  10. My mobile is 91489148 :)

  11. Bro, go edit ur dark tinted visor....If not later ppl all chase u 4 the visor.....I oready told joker69 to edit ur quote

  12. dat pipe use 4 60 n 62mm block n piston

  13. bro,

    im interested in ur yy pang if ur selling..

    already pmed u yst.

    can contact me @ 92217764.

  14. please contact me back at 81337327, reuben. interested in your two items.


  15. I interested in your rims, call me @ 93867946

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