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  1. Hi there... I saw ur post about Elite Flying Club... I am researching about taking my PPL... or maybe even try out flying so as to know if it is for me. hope you can get back to me soon with regards to EFC. Thank you. - Ishak (+65 98500089)

  2. Hi guys, I'm a can am spyder owner. I was invited to the tour just yesterday. Was approached by the agent at Bendemeer area....
  3. hi there?? which bike r u toking abot?? the Can am spyder?

  4. sir u ask to sms u but u din leave ur number behind

  5. Btw, my hand phone number is 94310044

  6. Hi, has the bike been sold? If not sold, can we meet up to view the bike? Thanks.

  7. Guys, just saw a nightrod special with a 300 rear tire at sun hog. God damn big......
  8. Guys, I'm new here in the Harley thread.. Wanted to get nightrod...... searched but so far, got no one selling yet..... I mean 2nd hand...
  9. not 1st time bah I think.... still remembering 5 of Jan 2007 outing........
  10. anyne noe where to get those rattan picnic baskets other than Arab st??!!
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