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  1. Hi Fusion,

    I saw your bike is very nice, I like the Top box.

    I am new to Tmax, can you kindly to advise me the OEM rack u get from HL, can it fix H&B Xplorer 45L? I know your are using Trax, how many litters?


    Million thanks!




  2. How about AGV Hyper X. We can visit Regina to have a look
  3. Hope it is only a passing shower, going to JB later
  4. I nv install any power commander, I am using stock CDI with LV full system
  5. If you are considering tuning your SW, you need to purchase a power commander. For me I just install and ride, I allow the CDI to auto tune.
  6. Any meeting of Railway mall tonight...?
  7. This is the cigarette port charger. It needs to step down the battery voltage in order to charge micro usb equipments such as GPS and my HTC. And we have only one cigarette port in the SW.
  8. Yeah my DealExtreme stuff is finally here!! http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg207/fusionjaz/IMAG0147.jpg http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg207/fusionjaz/IMAG0148.jpg http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg207/fusionjaz/IMAG0149.jpg http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg207/fusionjaz/IMAG0150.jpg This thingy cost SGD12.99 @ SLS. I get it only @ USD1.99
  9. Which one…? the claypot rice or massage
  10. Which one…? the claypot rice or massage
  11. I have no durian plantation contacts leh and my GPS at times will navigate me to 荷兰. Unless you guys dun mind eating durian @ 大马花园 hawker centre
  12. My usual durian stall is just outside 大马花园 hawker centre. I usually patronise it after my roof renovation and microphone servicing.
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