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  1. hi bro i am kinda interested.

  2. Hi Kelvin,


    Can I check if there are any street legal exhaust available for suzuki vstrom 650 04 model?

  3. Ok..thank u bro...so when u guys arranging a meetup???
  4. Anyone got any idea where i might be able to get the "waterproof" cigarette socket???
  5. I am stuck wif the lower bracket to fasten the side stand and and exhaust to the skid plate...no main stand to lift to bike for better measurement. As of material, i have decided to go for 1mm s/s and welded to the sides...still waitign for the prototype to be out of the metal mill before i noe how tough it can be
  6. hey tankee, hows work for ur skid plate???got stuck wif mine hahahahaha
  7. I had the same problem wif my wee, i usually set the kill switch to "off" mode and twist the key, once u receive ur good morning sign from the meters, set the switch to "run" mode the the fuel gauge will reflect the "correct" fuel level.
  8. hi kelvin,


    i was recommended by my friend to check wif u for michelin pilot road size 120/70 17 150/70 17 for my zephyr.pls keep me posted on pricing n availability. i would also like to noe hw much it will cost to add hel brake hoses to my bike.thanx alot

  9. sorri for not showing up....been caught up wif a few running projects at work
  10. Hi will it be ok for me to join you guys? i am riding a slightly moded and repainted zephyr similar in concept to technicolours.
  11. So its universal fitment right?and how does urs sound like?still hesitating if i shld order and what are the likely factor in brushing with the law.hahaha
  12. Sorri, But have anyone come across any dunstall megaphone's before?
  13. Hi Bro,


    I have a friend interested in your bike....how do we arrange for a meet up to view the bike?




  14. Hey bro thanx for asking....nothing major to the bike except broken headlights, scratched meters, broken side mirrors, badly scratched coil covers, exhaust, clutch brackets and bars...majority are already not original so i probably will still go after market....and d.i.y most items except those that required complicated tools....
  15. Hey bro, According to a bikeshop that i went to, it was mentioned to me that the zephy shares a similar oil filter to the cb550...so u might be able to get them at the local honda dealers.
  16. Hi everyone....Soulz here owning the Zephy that once belongs to Pango....would be glad to join u guys for a meet up once i get the zephy in adequate conditions again since i juz crash it in mersing yesterday morning....
  17. Seems like a longlong time since i came in here....so alo everyone out there somewhere....
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