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  1. Hi boss, do you have yamaha r15 v2 frame slider or bar end? thank you

  2. How much for z1000sx fame, front n rear silder n engine cover?

  3. hi.. can the HM quickshifter fit on a 2012 street triple ??

  4. SMSA BRS round 3 ... Aprilia RS125 position 10th,11th and 14th... Botak,need u back in the scene..completely overwhelmed by KRs, we need Aprilia riders at grid start, wacking the throttle not wacking on keyboards... desperate act? hahahaha still a frickking 2 year old immatured kid completely clueless about the bike scene n hoping to go around carrying other riders balls to boost his credentials.. desperate (if that is terms as desperate) or not? you wont have the guts to take to the track .. talking or sud i say gossiping n *****ing abt it during meet ups are gay stuff,prove yourself
  5. Raj.. next thursday im going to PG (if everything turns out a-ok) with the racewerks riders... rain or shine...ill take to the track and u sud too .u r a dirt bike rider now, so those slipping n sliding are 2nd nature :P btw u must have a full body armour beneath yer jersey please! sud ask them to get a bark buster , those flying bits can rip fingers and it hurtzzz!
  6. next u need to try out the KTM SX 300 ,thats a frickking smoking monster..
  7. yoz! the claimed 28bhp is not on the BBK.. its on a 125cc .. the 180cc block doesnt state any output claims because.... u be in for a surprise or a shocker on this one.. wont say much here till she pass the LTA stuff and all.. on the Moriwaki GP250..33bhp...hmmm thats actually the est claim bhp for a stock 250 4T bike which is not surprising if the Moto3 bikes are all running on the Honda CBR 250 single cylinder engine..i believe ultimately they will be tuned to a higher state depending on Moto3 rules..how many engine they are entitled throughout the whole season and how much power can the
  8. rain la! rain la! all wet !.. all dare not exhale or else visor will fogged up, ... :P best part is all save tyres and can used again for next race 4... keke
  9. yes la... i sud be in, providing i dont crash in race 3.. she's on some ridiculous project n ive not tested it at all and going straight to this weekend race... and i do hope the other stuff comes before July 14th so i have something to try again on that day... heard theres an RS on race ignition ,hope that bike can match the KR with the race ignition... im still on road legal specs, 34mm carb,arrows but this round im trying the Honda way... power to weight
  10. Aprilia RSV4 stock output is claimed at 14.8bhp ..u can opt for the 28bhp model.. n there be loads of options for it .. it will still be the 1 to beat in the 4stroke 125 class,if u want it to match anything more then a 125cc,opt for the 180 block... theres no replacement for displacement...
  11. prevention from crash.... never allow ambitions to out weigh talent identifying crash.. when allowing ambitions to outweigh talent. at moment of impact.. while sliding off, thinking n regretting to why allow ambition to overshadow talent :P:P rule #1... take it easy while riding.. enjoy the moment between yer bike n you..bikes are like girls..u need to understand her before u can chiong her..haha cheers
  12. got loads off original RS parts stripped off my 6months old RS.. from headlights to tail lights .. harness,igintion set, starter,front fork,original rims and i cant remember what else..only done like 2000 plus km but im giving a warranty assurance for it Raj... im still frickking trying to get her to the initial stage, ,am going sporting again.M.T super busy so both my bikes have to take a back seat. there be an Aprilia RS trackies group going too so u guys wont be alone..
  13. here u go! especially Eddy
  14. MX.. total different riding style mate.. warning* do not use the front brakes! dont want u washing out . so get on the rear brakes,get the rear to slide around,u have long legs so thats an advantage n watch them footpegs,its sharp as hell.. ill try be with u guys this week for the PG session.. if my 125 cant be up in time ,ill bring the 675,u can have a first hand exp of the acceleration of a superbike (before we head on to sepang),err....on the front n back straights only please..go easy on the turns ya? u get to about 200km before T2 in PG(700m straight)... in Sepang, u be maxing out a
  15. hi oh wow..thats a miighty longggg time...from that time till now i have own and sold my SM125,SMR510,RS125 bumble bee,GSXR600K9 n now i have a Triumph Daytona and a 3 months old RS125 again... so yeah thats about it.. :)

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