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  1. Thanks for the reply. U know how some bikes when u look at them, it says "take me home"?? So if anyone know any reliable shop bring them in, I dun mind getting 1 even though i dun ride that much anymore...... : )
  2. Hi, anyone can share which local shop can bring in the latest Honda CB1000R Black Edition?? Called Boonsiew and was told they will not till all 2019 models are sold off - damn short sighted.
  3. Hi, I've bought a 2012 blacked-out street bob(FXDB) and converted most parts prior to leaving the showroom on Day 1. As such, I've the following items to offer if you are keen(almost brand new n rust free): 1. Original Exhaust 2. Original Air Filter 3. Original Signal Lights Cover 4. Original Rear Suspension 5. HD Tandem pillon seat, removable. 6. Original "Engine Case Cover" 7. HD Engine Brightener 8. Original 4 black rubber foot pegs 9. Original Fuel tank cover 10. Original Spark plug cable You can get some of this as spare, or change your aging parts at a fraction of the H
  4. Hi, am selling my 2009 VMAX 1700. Let me know if u are interested.



    Rav - 96279722

  5. If you're keen to get by this month to enjoy the promo, drop me a pm and we can order it collectively to save on freight. Cheers
  6. I know the feeling, same when i saw my matt black streetbob. I went for the fatbob's launch too, very nice bike. Maybe, one day ....just one day...all matt or blackout Harley's nightout:cheeky: those with the most chrome will buy roti - prata:cheeky:
  7. Hi, welcome:cheeky: Is yours the blackout Fatbob launched this Jan 10? cheers
  8. Check Progressive website, i think 440 is the best unless going for the top range. 412 & 812 with signal lights incorporated is damn cool but the price is kinda Ex. Their new 940 brown colour looks damn cool!! http://www.progressivesuspension.com/hd/index.html 430 supposedly is better than 412 but looks better. Cheers
  9. Try JC motors, i've been looking around lately and found that their prices are the lowest - there's Apr Promotion. http://www.jcmotors.com/c-1270-shocks.aspx?SectionFilterID=7 For 412, it averages US$230. JC Motor's is US$170. I'm looking at 430..very cool springs. Maybe can do a groupbuy to reduce freight charges : ) Cheers
  10. Cool, i'll likely buy that then. Thanks for the referral. Cheers
  11. Bro, are you referring to this: http://www.usmotoman.com/product/412_shocks/-1,53,201,416_7732 Whats the colour and you selling? Cheers
  12. You're right on. I'm currently working on a Single strip of Custom LED Plasma Light Tube, incorporating Brake-Run-Stop cum signal lights. Something very similar to Vrod Muscle rear fender look. Then, i'll chop the fender, discard the tail light with the side lights too. Incorporate the strip into the fender's edge and it will be slick. Hope it is possible.....awaiting US reply.
  13. I was told 11'' is the lowest compromise level for comfort, any lower will be form over function and a lot of pain in the ass. You're right, the original solo seat is both comfy and cool. I would have prefer the HD original Brown Solo Seat's look but in Black instead. So if your 11" "suspension"(missed out on this word earlier, may give the wrong idea)":cheeky: is hard, i may go progressive then. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. This is a small project in converting my Dyna FXDB. Any comment is welcome:cheeky: 1. Vance & Hines Short Shots 2. Screaming Eagle Highflow Air Fliter + Fuelpak 3. Screaming Eagle Ignition Cable 4. Alene Ness Grips 5. HD Pegs 6. Smoke Lights Shade 7. Handle bar Next up: 1. Wheels 2. Lighting 3. Fender chopping 4. Rear Shocks 5. Solo Spring Seat
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