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  1. Hi guys! I'm looking for a Suzuki GSX-R750 Y 2000 Instrument Panel. New or used would be fine. Thanks!
  2. Looking for GSX-R750 Y 2000 Meter Cluster. The LED panel not working. Anyone has a spare or can point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your replies guys! I bought those hammerite rust to paint thing, i think i got those 'hammered silver metallic' colour to paint a small patch to cover one rusted patch. Went to copper brush the rust area first before applying. I think it looks okay with my 'dulled down chrome' exhaust header. So far, i have let the paint cure and when i ride, no smoke nothing. Its like normal only. Maybe YBR exhaust header not as hot as your bikes! I feel like painting the entire header cause i think the look is quite nice but im not too sure whether can pass inspection. Im just afraid the thing will rust further and corrode, leaving a hole in my header. I dont really care about the look, as long can ride, can already!
  4. Hi guys! My exhaust headers on my 2005 Yamaha YBR125 is starting to get rusty. I want to paint over those rusted patches on my exhaust headers to prevent further rusting. My question: can my bike pass LTA inspection? I dont want to change to new headers and pipe because my bike COE left 3 more years only. Thanks.
  5. Up for a fantastic bike! Great sounding engine with wonderful pipes!
  6. Up for your bike! Rented one in Penang, its a fantastic bike. Super fuel efficient. Rode all over Penang and i only top up 5 ringgit worth of petrol.
  7. Selling my 2005 Yahama YBR 125 Details COE & Road Tax Expires 3rd Jan 2016 Full Overhaul (Over $1000 in Engine Repairs) in Dec 2014 (Last year) Others like New Fuel Tank, CDI, Magneto, Brake Pad, etc. This promotion is running until 31st Dec 2015. Asking price is at $950. Fully negotiable. WhatApp/SMS/Call me at NINE-EIGHT-3458-ONE-TWO Had this bike since Mar 2009. Reliable, Fuel Efficient, Easy to Start, Cheap to Repair & Insure, No Frills Transport Bike. Perfect for Abang/Uncle Despatch, Students or everyone else. Under-Utilised, Back-Up Vehicle. Used mostly to go to nearby shops about once a week. Bike sits sheltered ALL of the time. My original intention was to renew the COE for another 10 years. I drive my Honda Stream most of the time now running my day-to-day business. My brother wants to get a Honda CB400X that we can share as he is going back to school. What you can do: A. You can renew COE for 10 years. (COE $6,337 + $950 = $7,287) --> $5,163 CHEAPER than buying a new YBR. or B. Renew COE for 5 years (COE $3,169 + $950 = $4,119) --> $7,381 CHEAPER than buying a new YBR. I welcome meet ups. You can view the bike, hear the engine and assess the condition. While we are at it, I will give you some Life Insurance Discount Vouchers. Sale If we have come to an agreement, we meet at LTA, you pass me the cash. All the transfer fees, you just pay for it. If we cannot come to deal, its no loss to me at all. Its a quasi-urgent sale (Urgent for you, Non-Urgent for me). In the event, we cannot come to an agreement, I can renew the COE and let it sit sheltered for another 10 years as its so cheap to run. Pass it to my Sister who is gonna pass her 2B License soon. Donate it to my uncles' who will need it more than I do. Scrap the bike. Photos Looking forward to doing business with you. Regards, crazydj
  8. I have been running an NGK Iridium Spark Plug on my YBR for almost 2 years. I have no changed it since then. I feel a slight difference and consistency in power.
  9. @Pandora's Kitten :3 Bro! Its been a long time since ive seen you around here! So what did you do to increase the fuel efficiency of your bike?
  10. Voltage at idling and revving is fine. It could be the wiring though. Sometimes the light flashes, sometimes they dont, and this happens randomly. Hmm...
  11. Dont think so. Problem came back though. You think i can buy a new relay and everything settled? Or does anyone know how to check a relay with a voltmeter?
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