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  1. Hi guys! I'm looking for a Suzuki GSX-R750 Y 2000 Instrument Panel. New or used would be fine. Thanks!
  2. Looking for GSX-R750 Y 2000 Meter Cluster. The LED panel not working. Anyone has a spare or can point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your replies guys! I bought those hammerite rust to paint thing, i think i got those 'hammered silver metallic' colour to paint a small patch to cover one rusted patch. Went to copper brush the rust area first before applying. I think it looks okay with my 'dulled down chrome' exhaust header. So far, i have let the paint cure and when i ride, no smoke nothing. Its like normal only. Maybe YBR exhaust header not as hot as your bikes! I feel like painting the entire header cause i think the look is quite nice but im not too sure whether can pass inspection. Im just afraid the thi
  4. Hi guys! My exhaust headers on my 2005 Yamaha YBR125 is starting to get rusty. I want to paint over those rusted patches on my exhaust headers to prevent further rusting. My question: can my bike pass LTA inspection? I dont want to change to new headers and pipe because my bike COE left 3 more years only. Thanks.
  5. What bike you riding bro?

  6. I conduct Offensive Riding Course. If got enough people, i might open a class.
  7. Do you check whether the number written on the motorbike coupon matches the bike the coupon is placed on?
  8. Haha. So cute you all. I had bad experience with 2 out of the 3 shops back in the day when i wanted to buy my first bike...
  9. This case, very complicated. I think you just consult your lawyer regarding this case. None of us can really help you out here. From the looks of it, you are lanesplitting. The car which opened the door was stationary. They cannot drop off at the side because there are cars blocking its way. This case very very complicated one. All the best man!
  10. I want to be skinny like stick. But i want to continue eating the same amount of food everyday. And not exercise. Is there any magic pill that can automatically increase my metabolic rate without any adverse side effects? I have friends who are shorter, skinnier and smaller than me, but they eat way loads than me and never even exercise. I feel so sad...
  11. ezzyoiler, i have to be frank with you. I want to tell you nicely, but there is no nicer way to put this. The thing is that, you keep over-promoting your oiler. Yes, we got it the first time. And the second. And every single damn subsequent time. From a personal point of view, it feels very irritating. My advice is, learn from the advertising companies out there. If you are going to advertise for your oiler, make your advertisements different each time. Perhaps one with a picture comic. Another, perhaps with a short essay. Or maybe, a detailed diagram on how your oiler works? You get the pi
  12. I think can just get the spring. Should be relatively easy to find. Easier to find in malaysia. Haha.
  13. My bike the meter went to reset one round already. Need to do valve clearance?
  14. Don't worry, you will. As long you have money, can already.
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