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  1. hi bro, interested to get a Yamaha R6 2008 model ? I'm selling mine

  2. Are u a racer?

    Can teaach me how to ride like u?

  3. hi

    nice too meet u , my name is lai

    may hv ur msn? coz i got something need to consult with u . thx

  4. Inside info ? This will be the date to look forward to then... hehe
  5. Bro, you might wanna check this out >>> http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=176841
  6. aik ? Kata go there at 9.30.. ni masih kat rumah.. kah kah kah..
  7. HehEhe.. we shall wait together then...
  8. Woii Kampung senyap je ? Mana orang pergi ni smua ?
  9. Any idea when is the 2nd batch of R6'08 coming in ??
  10. Hi yan, how r u ? Regarding the polo tu kan ? Wat kaler is it going to be eh ?
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