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  1. bro , your side box. The one in the picture isit? How much?

  2. Bro pls remove the rider name 25) Chris (9800 3829) - Suzuki GSR 400cc (Confirmed) from our gd bro Bek wedding list, seriously he got attitude n sorry 2 say abit racist problem. I really hope u can consider my suggestion as i really dun wan a clown to anyhow tok in ppl wedding n esp where ppl we call bro hmm hope u dun mind mi to b so frank yeah as i really beh tahan those who ride Big Bike but oni have Small Brain = STEWPIG hehehe cya

  3. Bro ur half cap still available?

  4. Hi bro may i check with u where to get bike reloan as i plan to get a almost 10 yrs 2A bike but have to renew COE. Wats the best place for reloan? tks,

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