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  1. Helloo! This thread is really quiet, where is everyone??
  2. what is footy? football? Anyway I'm down for dinner
  3. big bird from sesame street~ ..hello brownie *meow*
  4. huh? what did big bird buy.. the s4?
  5. 999s fila replica for sale http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6616227#post6616227
  6. aiya then just buy lah!Since you say money isn't an issue, once you get sick of it you can just sell it and move on to Bigger things.
  7. Coming up: professional photo shoot. I have linked up with a photo group keen to take pics of our bikes. Models are provided. Let me know who is keen. Im looking at about 10 bikes or so. This will take place in about 3 weeks on a Sunday. 1) Hann - silver monster 2) easy2findme - handsome boy 3) dinie - 800pps 4) Conniec - 1 gazillion little ones in 10 secs of omph 5) thenation - lagi handsome boy 6) qeith - red 7) st88 - fila la la la 8) singhla (Unidentical Japanese V-Twins, aka Ducati-killer) 9) suzuki b-king (with lorry-langar-face owner) 10)kidheck - newbie onety one) onety
  8. the number has changed, they have not updated their website..
  9. u gotta train your B**** like I do.. Stroke her the right way! *meow!*
  10. will there still be meet up tonight? since some went for a trip this morning..
  11. Hey Everyone, we are celebrating our Monster lovers 3rd year anniversary, (acc to [email protected]), next saturday. We had a good get together last year at the Summit. This year's theme is 2 fast 2 furious Halloween party @ Playfair. So be spontaneous and sign up soon so I can collate orders. Newcomers all welcomed. Date: 31st October 2009 Time: 6pm - late (Rain or Shine Event) Venue: Dryice's garage @ 81 playfair road (kindly offered by him) Itinerary: BBQ dinner, TCSS, followed by a late night ride to Yishun dam for Ice Cream Cost: $10 per person, if costs extra, I sponsor (if anyone wants to co-
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