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  1. hi interested in ur bike. still sell? but u need to deregfister first cos i wanna import out.. if u dont mind, i can buy full cash

  2. thanks for the information... how about the fc? how's the fc like for daily commuting?
  3. hey guys, i am thinking of getting the 2011 m696/m796. i would appreciate any comments or feedbacks on the bikes. And also, it will be good if you guys can provide me with some comparison of the 2 models because after looking at the specifications of both models, i noticed that the only differences are the bhp&Torque, the swingarm; single sided & both sided. thank you people in advance!
  4. hi. can i check how much can i reloan for a R1 '07 costing 18,000 with my insurance costing 2000? damien 96266000
  5. hi bro, always see you at AGL one.

    anyways, you willing to let go of your green firespec? cause my rvf is green then i thought it'd be nice if i have a green firespec.

    or if possible, can let me know where did you get yours?


    much thanks in advance!

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