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  1. the whole reason for the big space cause of my blog
  2. ah sianz 1 GB not enough leh...i did sign up for photobucket but apparently when u wana try bulk upload, can only click on local drive
  3. I am now using flickr...before is yahoo..apparenlty I tot it was good until now they have taken my photo and asking for fee.. who knows which service is free forever and can hold about 50,000 photos or more?
  4. i think maybe the new one is not as raw as the old one....most impt if its post 2007 then any model shld be fine....poat 2007 models are 40% chepaer to maintain!!!! The poster is at the parts lvl 2 at minerva
  5. yup..sweet man...apparently they have adopt the high mounts...no issue for rider but for pillion must carefull...the exhaust has a MT01 DNA in it dun ya think?
  6. check out motorcycledaily and motorcyclenews.....sweet man...695
  7. actually comparing to all the twins and vees I rode, The monster is the most scyn to ur body movement...u jus need to think u want a left or right lean and its done.. no wrestling...
  8. i believe that some people are covering for wat they had done....the jus in case attitude... so i guess mr mike...why u so like that..
  9. ooohhh thats nice to know...what did they fix...maybe they can bear to charge for a simple fix?
  10. i feel that there is no one bike shop that does everything the way a customer or even duke rider wants... FYI..from my fren who ride fazer...the FI model had a bad accident and got it done by r*c*w*rkz and apparently they did a not so good job...wiring was a mess and not in proper place...I got to speak to the mech who did the bike after R*c*w*rkz. Mech didnt know who did it. So I asked my fren who did his bike. So doubt its bias... Randy can u find out the steps or techics behind ur ops of the exhaust, let me know, I have a feeling i can get a guy who can do it at a lower price...and wa
  11. no update on the operation of the exhaust at mike's?
  12. anyone can advise whethe the spray painting of ERP unit allowed?
  13. maybe if u read the thread thru, there advantage and disadvantage for using a bore kit?
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