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  1. Looking to sell a 11 Ducati Monster 1100evo with legal termi pipe. Low mileage of 40k Coe: 29 Sep 2021 Looking at $10000 interested can msg me @ 98898687 Thanks
  2. hi, anyone looking for a Fat Duc o2 manipulator ? i just took it out and not using it already.
  3. hey guys i am back .. lol .. after all the overseas and reservist how are u guys doing ?
  4. hi .. i am staying in Hougang
  5. Hi guys, anyone know where can i core the exhaust ?
  6. hey guys, anyone knows where are we able to reflash the ecu to other maps ?
  7. wow, congrats. I also juz brought mine. see you all around =)
  8. haha .. anyway it is all about passion ..
  9. Hey, i think it is fine. Anyway monster handling is great and if love Ducati Monster. Go for it ! You will be enjoying every moment. Somemore it is also not a bike you see so regularly now and then. People on the road will be admiring your ride. I also brought mine. wooo love it man.
  10. jx87

    Harley Riders gather

    hey guys .. anyone got solo seats for sportster 04 onwards ? can let go to me ? i did the tail chop the orginal seat cannot fit .. lol Thanks
  11. hmmm .. yours is which model ? i would prefer 1000 one. i went to the showroom, a S2R 800 just happen to be sold for 8k. Sian 1/2 man. lol
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