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  1. wah lanz... so HotTTtt sia this topic. Awaiting for the show down. Keep us posted.
  2. Hi guys, anybody riding the S2R and S4R?? Those who have the bike pls msg me.. Thanks Motrax33
  3. Hey are you the 1 i saw at Buangkok Green traffic light??? I think you are wearing a white open face. I was driving in the early morning 810am Motrax33
  4. Hey Neo, Shoei , Ayuluv, Free on 26th Nov bo? Friday nite at SPANS ( Ah Hood Road ). BBQ for Hornets and friends. Per head $10 bucks. got mini buffet and bbq. neo, maybe you can ask Xiao-P to come along as well??? Those interestd pls add name into Hornet Threads Paiseh Dont Lap me hor shoei hahahah Motrax33
  5. play where arh... hahhaha eh dunno ley... see where he wanna play lo.. Orchard Gudang??? kekee:cheer:
  6. No la, i cant afford a Strada. keke so a Monster m400 is a cheaper choice, btw is ok lah, who care abt top speed and etc losing to this bike or so. You ride with passion of Ducati will do. If i get a M400, i will hack abt the rest, like you change to pipes that save LIFES hahaa.. Really la, see if the other party willing to sell bo lor. Motrax33
  7. ya.. but i will most prob still keep my hornet. And maybe get a monster400 and play with Neo lo hahaha.
  8. hahahh ducati400 the engine can change straight to 600 rite? just get the engine nia? Feel like getting 1 . got someone offer me... I gian liao.
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