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  1. Sold! Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. Price: SGD $7950 negotiable for sincere buyers Contact me directly at 983OO241. Road tax renewed until May 2019. Low mileage (44k) considering its age. Agent bike. Comes with 2 keys and Ducati electronic code. Last of the air cooled dry clutch Ducatis. Negotiable for sincere buyers. COE expires May 2020 (renewable) Ohlins fork servicing in Jun 2017 36,000km desmo servicing completed and clutch plates changed in Dec 2017. Clutch slave changed may 2018 Rosso 2 tires july 2018 Yuasa OEM battery changed in Dec 2018 Receipts available for viewing. Accessories S Model with adju
  3. Leo vince, akras, but nothing beats a termi. The termi titaniums are legal not the carbons.
  4. Selling my 2012 m796 very low mileage. PM or contact me at 983OO241 if interested.
  5. I've got a m1100/1100s racing ECU originally came with the termi exhaust kit. If anyone interested to buy it can PM me or contact 983OO214
  6. Same here, though i still keep my jap 600cc bike. I was in a dilemma between getting a Triumph Street Triple and a Monster 796, and eventually settled on the Ducati. Which monster did you get?
  7. I recommend your friend to have a read from this blog - http://iantan.org/2013/04/six-months-with-a-monster/ Very interesting read on his older m1100 evo, and his new 1200.
  8. Is there any other place that sells termi pipes apart from minerva? Looking to get a set of slipons for my m796. Also if anyone is looking to let go of theirs, do pm me.
  9. Just got myself a 2012 m796. Hope to join you guys for any outings. Cheers.
  10. Anyone knows the history behind the 2012 monster 796 at excel cycle. Im interested to check it out given the attractive pricing.
  11. TPFT is 3rd party fire and theft.


    You can try going directasia website to fill in your details and see an instant quote online. So far they have quoted me the cheapest.


    However, have you had any claims before? If you did then the premium will definately rise.

  12. hello bro...ur insurance so cheap ah ? i also 26 years old...but wat is TPFT ? i never came across tat insurance company ? but last year my insurance NTUC got premiums ah....supppose to be $900++ den premium go up i pay $1k plus...tis year i dunno yet...any options abt that? i heard DirectAsia also cheap rite?

  13. 08 model. And whats the deal with the stock exhaust valves getting jammed? Is that the reason why most r6 owners change to aftermarket slip ons?
  14. Any of you guys experience significant vibrations until your hands become slightly numb from riding? I'm not sure why, but recently my vibrations while riding high speed over long distances are getting quite bad. And thats when i was riding with gloves.
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