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  1. don wear like tat when u riding SP, ok? =x

  2. hihi... u still selling penzoil 2t?

  3. hi i'm andy here... wat bike ur riding misss?

  4. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=244370 Thank you... Can try find at scrap yard too... Hi hi... Bo liaoz... Seriously i don't think 12 Lites of petrol is rm 15. Synegy F1 old pricing is r1.80/L. If you pump 12L will be rm21.60. Where you pump sia... so cheap... Depend on the parts that you need? Call.... Lim Ah Boy. 3 Kelantan Lane, Tel: 62967914, 62968035 Hi hi... Good afternoon...
  5. Pennzoil Titanium 2T & Motul 710 Both are the same grade. ( JASO-FD ).:thumb: Good morning everyone...
  6. wow sexy rider

  7. hi.. u ridding sp?ben here i am new here

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