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  1. Hi Nutty,


    I have a TA200 Phantom. Was curious is there any way to find cables like the clutch cables and etc for TA200 as i want to change my handlebar to a higher handlebar like a ape hanger.

  2. Hi Nutty,


    Recently my battery died, so i brought a water-filled Yuasa 12V battery, but it seems to cut/trip whenever i press the electric starter. Then hv to Off the key and re On. Mind to advise, is it must use a free maintenance battery? Thanks brother.

  3. Hi yan1691,


    The idle setting is how fast/slow you want your bike to idle...that means throttle is not turned and engine is running. Usually set to a sweet spot, so that the engine won't die and the idle is not too fast.


    I usually do my service every 2000km

  4. Hi nutty,


    I need some advice, what is idle setting? Also, when is it a appropriate to do servicing?

  5. hi nutty.


    i think someone messed up my idling n my bike won't idle anymore. can help?

  6. Hey there! No problems, glad you benefited from it :) Happy lunar new year to you!

  7. Hey bro,


    Thank you for sharing your very good knowledge on bikes.

    You really have the passion on DIY! I'm very impressed.

    I noticed that you have modified your front signal lights to 2 relays, such that they will light up all the time. Nice! I look forward to your signal light tips!! =)

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