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  1. I thought of getting the 3m Velcro to stick on the mount cos my bike has no place to suction. You know, the translucent Velcro? But worried it might drop off due to wind or like you said, vibration. Hmmm....
  2. I totally agree ti is safer! At least you are in control and can see what's coming.
  3. Wear jacket, is that why so many bikers wear a windbreaker? Was always curious why some wear windbreakers back-to-front.
  4. I like chain wax. Not so messy but still works.
  5. I saw this on a Nike recently. Anyone knows where to buy a bike cover which has elastic at the ends so that you dont have to use clothes peg to secure your cover?
  6. I ride to work and by the time I get to office, there is this road smell on my clothes. How do you guys prevent this? Any anyone has suggestion to avoid helmet hair?
  7. Anyone can share a link to that stomp site?
  8. Those bus lane markings are terrible. For some reason there seems to be a seam in the Tarmac as well, which makes it bumpy when you go over the marking.
  9. Has anyone tried to mount a gps on your bike? How did you do it securely and what model gps did you use?
  10. But make sure it is still under warranty.
  11. The new iu apparently is prone to problems. but if it is legitimately spoilt not due to your fault they will change one easily.
  12. Huh which mechanic told you this?
  13. How on earth do you bend a fork?
  14. Oh, and the excuse I gave for carrying a helmet around was that I had a friend who goes to school together who is coming to pick me.
  15. I got my license and bought the bike my dad most detested - a scrambler! They didn't know till my brother told on me.
  16. I think at places where the bike season parking is all sold, the priority is given to residents. Hence you have to show your address when buying season parking.
  17. Oh, and they actually know you are there! They can look straight at you and ignore you!
  18. I get super annoyed when some drivers know that you r trying to squeeze through but just refuse to move forward 0.5 meter so that the 6 bikes behind can squeeze through. Will it slow him down to give way?
  19. Totally agree with the horrible bike parking situation at aljunied. I have season parking but never enough bike lots. So I park on pavement and got a fine. Boooooooo.....
  20. Are there any good trial riders in sg who can give a clinic? Think anyone will be interstd?
  21. Hi which is a nice month to go riding in Cambodia? When is the weather not so rainy?
  22. No renting is because no insurance to ride on the road I think. Else got to tow, which means very expensive.
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