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  1. Ur inbox is full.. Mine is 4.3.3

  2. U have no idea how much I miss being single lol
  3. jamez, honestly... its not worth bringing the pipes for testing yourself... too ex..too much time.. too much hassle... lastly.. might not pass the test.. pm me ur number.. i will explain to u further. some material is nsfn.
  4. i feel you....Wuuuuuuuhhhooooooo~
  5. remember what happened to wp media coverage scandal ? if that is not enuff... lets go on to isa...
  6. word. easier for them ma... sit and collect coe and fat bonuses... :x
  7. Tuv.yes ur right.. but "they" told me that if I manage to let proton test the pipes for me they will execpt the certification. As its from a vehicle procduction plant.. Of coz its from thier mouths of which I didnt choose that path..
  8. I am writing based on been there done that. And tts how I ended up with a street legal custom pipe altho its not for bikes theory is the same I guess..afterall its either 'legal or not'. Well its up to u to believe me or not. Just sharing that to legalise a pipe is not as easy as abc and that it can be solved with just cash.. For my case alot of persuading was involved too... Well I had no choice..
  9. I dont own a harley but I have encountered this too few years back....even if ur willing to burn the 20 odd k on testing and approval... U cant do it in singapore.. The nearest test centre is in kl at proton plant....now whether they are willing to test it for you is a seperate thing altogether... There are of coz other alternatives on this... But I thought harley owners had a way of 'legalising' yr loud pipes thru certain channels? Not sure on this tho'
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