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  1. Hi everyone, I have an old Silverwing400 (2008) and I am considering to replace it with a more recent. I think it got facelifted around 2010? I was looking at second hand ads on SGBikeMart but I got confused with the naming: can someone tell me what are the difference between FJS400A and FJS400D? And also what's different on the GT400? They are all 400 obviously but I could see pictures of same model with different face?? I thought the A and D was due to facelift but I think I am wrong... I may have miss previous post if you can enlighten me or point me to some explanations that would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hello SW community. I have a weird issue and see feedback/comment in case it happened to some of you before: My headlight sometimes doesn't stay on (while riding). It is supposed to stay on at all time since there is no switch to turn it off on the SW400. It might be ON (or not) after I start bike and it also might also go OFF (or ON) while riding... It's dangerous because I have no way to figure out when this happens and whether my light is ON or OFF (during day time/end of day), this could lead to dangerous situation where I am not effectively seen by other drivers. Of course at night or in a basement parking lot I can easily figure it out, but it's annoying. I have to always keep try to find ways to check whether it's ON or OFF by approaching close the rear of the car in front of me (at a red light for example). I noticed that when I fiddle lightly with the START switch, this could actually trigger ON or OFF the light... So I am wondering if replacing the START switch might solve the problem or whether I should look at some other electrical component. Something is definitely wrong at the moment the bike is started... Any help/assistance will be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
  3. Oh, I found this on Google. Could be interesting to keep this for other riders. Turns out it looks pretty simple to do, but I will go to my fav shop to get this done. http://files.meetup.com/456861/Silverwing%20Replace%20Low%20Beam.pdf Cheers,
  4. Hi guys, and thanks Scoobydoo for maintaining this valuable page. I am looking for info about replacing the main bulb in the headlight. As anyone got experience with spoiled bulb. I was advised by one shop that must dismount the entire front of the bike (!!!!) so more thant two hours of labor.... Mmmmmh has anyone got experience with this before, and what is the typical charges for bulb and labor? Cheers,
  5. hi there! i am now looking actively for sv400 (or 600), let me know if u know a seller... I am planning to visit honda boon siew and AC Motors... is there any other shop who is good at Honda silverwing service and/or may have good stock? Thanks :-)
  6. hi mctan!

    is your silverwing sold?

    if not you can contact me on 90497976

    i am looking for one...

  7. oups sorry, I activated my PM now... haha no I am not Jimmy... Thanks for the clue but could not find it on Google, can say on which website you saw it? Also is there any shop/dealer you like to recommend for good after service on SW400/600 and who may have used machines on stock... cheers,
  8. Hi SW community! I am looking for a SW 600 (400 also can)... looking to buy in January. Looking at machine 2-3 years old, good condition. Any idea how much I should budget? Thanks and feel free to PM me if you know dealer who may have or if you know someone selling... Cheers Alex
  9. Hello the dirtbikers, We are a group of 5-6 ppl in their 30s. We are looking to find a shop who can organize offtrack week-end in Msia. We dont have bikes and need to rent. Can you recommend some contacts in Singapore or Johor who can help us organize this trip? We need dirt bikes and cool guide. Thanks! Alex 9049 7976
  10. Hi, My digital panel just went silly and the hazard light always on, impossible to stop. Sometimes I can stop by pressing horn button and hazard button in short sequence. Then turn light don't function... Shop says it's because of rain but my bike seldom stays outside... have been drying in the sun for several days and still issue persists... **** Piaggio not reliable... Any suggestions? Shop say I have to buy new panel 400$$$!! Any second hand panel available from scrapped bikes? Let me know if u have a good plan to find solutions... or if u know a shop who can sell for good price. Cheers, Alex
  11. Soon Fah: http://www.daredreamer.sg/
  12. Hi guys, I have issues with my digi meter: when I start my bike, the warning lights and LCD are not initializing properly and have weird display (warning indicators low light and LCD is off; although engine is running fine)... The signal lights also not functioning(this is big problem on the road).... After a few hundred of meters or few kilometers driving sometimes it initialize ok... strange and weird... My bike always sleep in well ventilated car park... can't be the rain. I have a new battery for one month can it be the new battery? What could be the cause? Connections? The panel itself (is f$*&% expensive!)? Can I find second hand panel? Should I bring the bike to Piaggio or good service center? Any good address for professional checks? Thanks, Alex
  13. Sounds like I have been ripped off, I paid $90 at Southern Motor, Bukit Merah Lane... By the way I am looking for a place where I can get a good service and reasonable pricing for my X9 Amalfi. Any place near Bugis? Kallang? Bukit Merah? PLEASE GIVE ME A GOOD SHOP... I need to do the service, can you update me on the price for: Belt? What brand or model to ask for? Oil? Oil filter? Air filter? Brakes pads? Spark plug? Labor? Time needed? THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR UPDATE Alex
  14. Hi Guys, After 3 weeks not used, I found my battery drained yesterday :-( I had to pay 90$ for a new battery at Southern Motor, Bukit Merah Lane. I was in a rush so did not check the price... Was it a rip-off? How much would you pay for a battery for X9? By the way I am looking for a good Piaggio service shop near Alexandra Road, can you recommend a good one? Next time I will unplug the battery... Cheers, Alex
  15. Hi Guys, Where is the official Gilera dealer in Singapore? Do you know if the GP800 has arrived? Where can I see it? Cheers, Alex
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