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  1. Today i lesrnt the passing of Syed. It was year 2005 when i first met him on my first track outing with @Raptor. Syed was a very humble character, motiviating and always looked out for the safety of every rider. Apart from my mentor @5th_rider, Syed was one of the early figures who felt i had potential and motivated me into racing. Its a tragic loss for his family and my condolences go out to them. But in the memory he has left behind in almost every rider, i wish him a safe journey to heaven, and thank him for the good memories he has left behind.
  2. u didnt indicate contact details.

    9338 4350. When can view?

  3. Hi amba dont know if u know me or not anyway i am wan the one staying at blk 551 skooling shuqun ur junior anyway hope u dont mind i am wearing an arai with a mohawk like urs so jusy telling hope u dont mind me using ur trademark and maybe might be joining a small race and work up to race big big ones

  4. hi bro!...where u get the helmet thingy?...hw much?...i'm really interested

  5. Hi Amba!


    If you have other friends who would like to get a Singapore flag wrist band too, this is the link. thanks!


    Also next time u go down to track, let me know, i'd like to join too. My number is 81020410. thanks!



    Desmond Choo

  6. try albert.....they might have a white 06 r6...fully stock with hidden accessories
  7. hahaahahaha, thanks pal. and u kept ur word....didnt see any wheelie on sunday
  8. the thailand cbr 150cc, 4 stroke, 1 make race, can do 1.50, 1.51 in johor circuit.
  9. sara, the vehicle u using got malaysian road tax? can load how many bikes at once?
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