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  1. That's a Ducabike part; try Unique or Z Moto, they're listed on Ducabike's site?
  2. +1 on Raymond, good man. He got my chain changed, fixed my oil pressure sensor which was giving me a red light of death (bloody ex that part tho!), so all good now.
  3. Cheers, thanks for the info! I want to get the chain / sprockets replaced on my bike soon, and since I've been to Raymond before would prefer him working on it.
  4. So.... I wanted to change the oil in my M400 and headed over to Eunos Ave 4... and could not locate Bike Harbour. Anyone know if Raymond has moved or closed up shop altogether? (Anyway, went to Unique, not a technically demanding job. Should be interesting to see how well the 15w50 works.)
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