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  1. Hi, keen to join ur whatsapp group, add me 974nine5two1seven.



  2. that sounds good. have been to 1 shop for this issue already.. sigh...
  3. does it spell doom for my bike or it requires a major repair? any other viable ways to resolve this issue? The washer has been added back...
  4. i have parked my bike on the same lot, before i did, the lot was 'clean', 2 days later, i observe a fist-sized big round EO patch on the lot vertically corresponding to the EO drainplug, it is definitely leaking from the drainplug since it is wet. the leak rate is very slow however. what could be wrong?
  5. hi, my eo is leaking at a very slow rate. It is disturbing. Went to a random mech2 and found that the previous mech1 did not put the washer back for me. Ended up changing EO again (previous EO changed despite the washer, the leak is still occuring except at a even slower rate. what do you guys think?
  6. hello,

    i not sure if this is of any help..

    there is a FW CBR150 at AS Phoon machine price for 2.5k.

    I also looking for one but not that urgent.

    i havent seen the bike at the shop so i not sure how the condition.

    should be ok la.


    have a good day!


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