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  1. hi im selling SP nsr 150 as well... http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/301765-Sp-!!!-Sp-!!!-Sp-!!!-Nsr-sp-150**

    do take a look , currently my highest offer is 1200 .. im looking for more better price before deal ..

    if you are interested please sms to my cellphone 90286230 and quote me your price .. , thanks .

  2. the pic at your signature is your bike? nice.

  3. hi, i am selling the white with green honda lady wing FT plate Honda sp =)


    the highest bid is currently 1.9k..

    u might think it's abit costly but it's all newly done.

    really a great deal..

    if i am not financially unstable, i wont want to sell also.



    feel free to contact me at 96863623,

    cause i am heading out tonight :)


    hope to hear from u soon!

    by the way, thanks for the interest in my bike :D

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