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  1. Hiya~ So fast selling your ducati ar~

    Give me few more months lol. Just got 2a recently, but cash strap =X Or else I sure take your nice monster =D


    Thumbs up for monster xD

  2. hi to those interested in getting a monster 400, im selling mine at $8500. come and arrange a viewing if you are interested. pic is in my sig. used the monster for some light touring. do drop me a pm. it is not a urgent sale as im still keeping it if no one hits my price.
  3. you probably will be looking around 15-17k for a 2nd hand
  4. KOFO 2011 Refer to : "Kings Of Fruits Outing" (KOFO) 2011 - 1 Jul 11 . Registration closed. . . . . Date ; 1 JULY '11 Meet ; SHELL Petrol Stn. 255, Paya Lebar Road, S'pore 409037 Time ; 8.00pm ( move off @ 8.15pm ) 01) yeong 02) wayne + pillion 04) reeve niu 06) ramsnake + pillion 07) crazyboi
  5. too bad no termis are legal for any ducatis in singapore.
  6. i found out my ignition coil is giving me troubles. whenever i hit 120km i will have 1 cylinder misfiring. the coil is over heated for one of the spark plugs.. yet to discover which plug is it..
  7. M400 is quite a fun bike .. was riding a spec 3 before it and boy it is much more fun than a japanese bike.. good for cornering and going up twisties. What is the cons is that it will lose out to a japanese bike due to its low top end, high maintence and high FC. Im getting like 19/l instead of 23-25/l on a spec 3.
  8. Hi brandonwang. Pulsar is good no doubt. Feeling the need for speed now?
  9. Theres 2 places,(91169116) Michael at Kallang Cycle & (96824277) Raymond at Bike Harbour eunos Ave 4. Personally, ill go to raymond just for personal preference as I've always went to him so he knows my bike pretty well. Lastly , If you are feeling rich, you can go to minerva at kakibukit.
  10. hi guys, whenever i close and open throttle when moving, i can feel a slight wobble whenever i open throttle. it will have a jerk that will feel like its going to wheelie that kind of torque but that torque gives that wobble. it happened only recently, is it the fault lies with steering cone or my suspension problem?
  11. hi guys i need to change my brake discs, is ebay reliable to buy from?
  12. Singapore sells M750 ?? im pretty sure M750 are not available in singapore other than 900s and 400s
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