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  1. I will take your rain shoes for 20.


    quick deal now..



  2. Buan on NSHW on the way to KL on saturday. Crashed onto a stalled vehicle on the blind spot in a left corner, the car was stalled on the right lane. I was riding pillion and we broke our right femur. We are send to Muar hospital and got transported back to SGH in sg the next morning. The accident happened ard 2pm. As we are injuried and could not do much, I need some advise. Any tow options I can consider? FYI I called the investigation officer for my case in m'sia and he said I could return after I recover to make report and tow our bike back to sg. Appreciate assistance.
  3. Buan at NSHW near Muar. Now back in sg in SGH awaiting operations to fix both our right femur. Anyone can help me with the best option to bring our bike back to sg? I was riding pillion.
  4. Please take my name out, I broke my right femur on Saturday
  5. Hi, sorry. Can take out my pillion and myself out? I will SMS Gr8white for refund for $30. Both of us broke our right femur on saturday, cashed into a stalled car on the right lane, in a blind spot left turn, on the way to KL on NSHW
  6. Sorry, pls take my name out. Broke my right femur on Saturday. Will be out of action for some time =
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