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  1. i got belt and pulley fix at taihin, plugs, air filter and exhuast i DIY..price i forgot already lei lazy to go find the receipts.. my recommend is that u change it when its due for change, dont wast $$ change for nothing when the stock one is still in good condition ! Wear ur stock parts out 1st..
  2. hmm, not sure for ur fren, but for mine 400 got improve in pickup and mid-range..throttle feels lighter oso (with silencer removed). FC remains more or less the same though..btw i oso changed to KNN filter + NKG iridium + recently Dr. Pulley
  3. recommand tat u get ARROW exhuast, cos since u already spent so much on the bike already no point fixing "pa lia" exhuast like GPR. Yes i know got high end model but i believe ARROW has a more reputable brand and it includes a dyno chart too for u to see the comparision between stock and street legal.
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