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  1. Thanks. Inspection cleared in this form. Done at STA. Contact me for viewing if interested.
  2. Hi BP I'm checking if it's possible for me to trade in my scooter (Yamaha Majesty YP250 Sports) at your shop and take up a reloan for a Vespa GTS300 (Reg date: Jan 2016) which the owner is asking for $15k. Appreciate if you let me know How it can be done and the interest rate if possible. Details of my in the following post: https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/504039-FS-Yamaha-Majesty-YP250-Sports-JDM Your inbox is full and I can't PM you. Darren
  3. Ups for CNY Price negotiable upon viewing
  4. Selling a rare and head turner Jap modded scooter. It's 250cc but the size looks like a bigger cc bike. - Keyless start - Fitted with imported face mask - Original windshield still around - All stock except for aesthetic (Face mask) - Light and easy to manoeuvre - Great pick up - Regularly serviced at Ah Chai @ Serangoon - COE till 3 Jul 2018 - Accessories in my list to go along with bike Engine 8.5/10 - Sorry no test ride Outlook 8/10 - View to believe Selling at $3,300/= Price is negotiable. Priced to sell but no low ballers please Anyone with Vespa GT200 or GTS30
  5. 13.8k but it's definitely negotiable.



    Link for my sales thread.

    Feel free to text/call me to discuss further

  6. If I dun twist the throttle, it'll be started only at the 3rd or 4th crank. If I twist the throttle, sometimes 1st attempt can start liao. Hope u understand wat I'm saying. My England Su(ks....
  7. Roger tat bro SparkerS1. Tks tks Luckily, I haven been doing the wrong thing. My way of starting is press n hold for abt 3-4 secs for it to start. One thing tat I nid to consult, during cold start, I usually only manage to start aft abt 3 cranks.....tat is without engaging the choke. Trying my best not to engage choke unless reali cold weather plus too many days nv start bike.... Is tat normal??
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