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  1. Hi all! I'm riding a piaggio skipper 125, super old model. Anyone knows whats the FC? I have to keep topping up every 3 days. which is quite chor... and the engine keeps dying and taking some time to start up... any comments or recommendations? Also does anyone know of a cheap and reliable mechanic to go to ?

  2. 1) w4hkauz- Saeed- MAE yr2- Vespa/Rxz

    2) zrnkiw- ShouZhi- MAE yr2- Krr-------aka rossi wong

    3) driftbaker- WenJin-MAE yr2- super4pb1

    4) patrick1132- Patrick- EEEyr2- deanuville 650

    5) areal- Liz- SBSyr2- taking 2B

    6) maniahk- namkhai- MAE4- dragstar 400

    7) katdawg- Gerry- SBS yr1- Wave

    8) jasonhello87- JL - CEE yr1- x1

    9) alxfoo- Alex- MAE- CBR400

    10)AfterDark- ???- alumni- duke

    11)Vespa11- Jack- SBS yr3- Atlantic

    12)germs7- ???


    14)annej-anne- wkwsciyr3-skipper



    Shou zhi i didn't know you were the VP!

  3. Thank you so much ! that was so helpful. so actually, getting from a shop is more reliable since they settle everything for you right? Any shops to recommend. like not too expensive and still reliable to deal with them ?

  4. hi all, i just got my licence in november and want to get a scooter but know nothing about bikes (regulations, road tax, installlments, coe, servicing fee, insurance etc etc) Any advice ? what should i do next ?

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