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  1. Had a taste of Keynotes recently, most definitely better than Powerpoint! Yeah FCP is fantastic on a Mac, even better than Premiere on PC.
  2. Definitely much more than public transportation when it comes to dollars.
  3. My training consists of morning and afternoon PT and in the middle we have nap/study time. HAHA!
  4. Supposed to POP in 5 weeks time but now extended all the way to 7 December. They want to have like a grand passing out parade with the OCTs, C-course and the regulars.
  5. Lovely Sunday afternoon today!
  6. Gaming will be minimal, most of it on graphic and video editing.
  7. The different passing rates of each driving centers are just marketing gimmicks.
  8. I'm in two minds on whether to get an iMac or build my own PC.
  9. Can't wait to take my class 2 at CDC with their FZ6!
  10. I think the 139th intake is going to POC on September 16. 140th prep enlisted on June 8.
  11. 7-11 phone; excellent battery life.
  12. Thanks dude. Just found out this week that my intake would be assisting SYOG; can go home everyday.
  13. The more you use it, the better you are with it. Simple rule, don't be afraid to explore all the tools and shortcut keys.
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