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  1. Harley open house this weekend
  2. is due to the size of the pic.
  3. back to topic ... attached a harley picture.
  4. this sunday if can i may go to see you... dont know how u look like.. but i will try to bring a red-paint spray to spray on pink phantom will do... think pink color plus a bit of red, will go very well...
  5. forumuser, i knew u do your own paint-job. PM me ur contact, can?
  6. i stay at serangoon central area, so far there is only one harley who stay there, however, about 3 shadow, 3 dragstar, 1 royalstar there..
  7. :thumb: nice bike.. this is my dream
  8. near my flat, a guy just bought a HD ... when he go out to work and come back from work... i stay at home oso know...
  9. indicated by sunbrust , they specialize in HD and American cruiser. .. dun know Jap are welcome?
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