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  1. Anyone wants a free bike to use until May? Save me the trouble of scrapping it. If no one wants then i will scrap in a week from today though. Road tax expired though. Battery died so cannot start with electric starter but can still use the kick starter no problem.
  2. Selling my Honda Wave 125S for $1200(neg). 5 years COE ending in MAY 2018(Means can't renew any more). Ideal for those of you who wanna save money for your 2A bike after passing your 2B license! Outlook: 4/10 Engine:7.5/10 (Definitely can survive one year) It's a honda wave so you know its very economical and not much maintenance needed. Will throw in new brakes and tyres and change engine oil before transfer! Road tax until 27 May 2017. Contact me at 97533192!
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