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  1. hi juz got a spec1 last dan 1 mth aft tat realise e front brake disc is crooked....so sian!! ( its has those bite n let go feeling when u r abt to stop)

    my bikeshop recommend mi japan 'chiong' brake disc 1 set is abt $280 rather dan original cost abt $700.......

    wat shld i do????????r those japan chiong useable???good??


    Experice pple out there pls help mi!!!!!!


    U buy from the bike shop rite?


    Then u should ask for a replacement from the bike shop...

  2. Hahaha sure sure. but i not a good beer drinker. Tea or coffee i can haha.... see if got meet up or not.




    Wow thats good news eh. So which cluster are you at? Your flat clusters name? Dun tell me treelodge.


    Yup its treelodge....




    At last got my home after waiting for 3 long yrs....

  3. :lovestruck:Something to recommend Bling Bling lovers :lovestruck:


    you can purchase it at motoworld but you got to special order it.

    PROS - it comes in many colors & material / grade to choose from btw...

    CONS - damage would be higher of cos & waiting time is about 3 mths +++ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    well from what i know during my collection of my long awaited sprocket,

    There's one in stock currently!!

    Brand - AFAM and only AFAM does this.

    Material - Carbon Steal





    Nice... But hw much is the damage?

  4. Very simple, the same 3 level of products, say durain.


    Salesman 1 call it: "budget", "normal" and "best".

    Salesman 2 will call it: "best", "even better" and "best of the best"


    So can you see that "normal" for one is really the same as "even better" for another salesman? The sad case is that the term "fully synthetic" has become just like the term "even better".


    It all started in the 90's when big oil companies started arguing that certain 'high grade' petroleum base oils are 'as good as' synthetic base oils for 'general use'.


    So they swapped the more expensive synthetic base for that cheap highly refined petroleum base and still market it as 'fully synthetic' at the same price before. Production cost reduced a lot, but sell same price, make big money. Lawsuits were filed but surprisingly they won. Now it become common practice.


    The quality of the 'fully synthetic' product cannot make it for extreme applications (like racing and motorcycles), so along came "100% fully synthetic". Only a handful of performance oils are still true synthetic base and usually they will state clearly "100% fully synthetic" and "PAO" or "Ester" base. Hope this makes it clearer.


    So wat fully synthetic EO tat u sell? At wat price? Can PM me?:p:)

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