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  1. woke up in the middle of the night to watch this game.. and to honest, i never felt sleep watching the total 90mins..




    Must be entertaining rite?


    Poor ting i rely on the Indonesian channel via illegal outdoor aerial TV...


    The view of the match was sandy.... Need to get a booster to get a clearer view...

  2. $100? So expensive?


    I just did mine for much more less at Unique motorsports. Inclusive of service charge to change and rent some standard items and towing fee.


    However there are some items you may need to buy if the ones on your bike does not meet the requirements. IE: licence plate, headlight bulb as this items are not reuseable.


    You can look for Alec at Kaki Bukit Branch.

    He'll know what to do with your bike in order to pass inspection.


    They will make until your bike can pass inspection, not under table type.


    Note: 'kopi' money is illegal.


    'kopi money' is illegal n UNDER TABLE......:angel:

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