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  1. i saw a honda magna...2 cylinders v twin too.

    ..250 cc....

    i was amazed at the look..the huge twin pipes really blow me away..

    check this out.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ7VVt2YEuc&feature=related

    it looks like the shadow and the phantom seem to share this parentage




    It looks a bit similar...


    But i don tink there is any more 1st hand MAGMA around...

  2. The oil around the plug when you took it out is ok lah. Most mech don't dare to tighten the plug more than they should an at times can be very loose..that's just seepage from use.


    There are many product from many otehr brands that is much like X-1R or tat least they claim to be.."friction eliminator"..the problem is that "particles" content agent are use..like PTFE and Molyslip stuff...which causes slip clutch problems. Most bikes can't use that because our clutch plates are soak in the eo.


    I recommend you use X-1R with my own blended eo lah, otherwise its a waste cos mine can last till 7k to 15k till next mileage change. If you can find..X-1R used to be retailed for $49..mine is lot cheaper and the one I have is from USA direct not the repacked evrsion (dull green box).


    PM for any further needs.


    Ah pek,


    Can PM me ur price for the EO n X1r?

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