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  1. Bro, pls check your PM. :)


    As it is JerR's team, I am just a "join-er", pls kindly keep the info to yourself only.


    Thank you very much for your kind understanding.


    Hei bro...




    I understand wat u trying to tell me...


    Sumtimes can be frustrating when they say r cuming in the end they M.I.A...:sian:

  2. Have you thought that trading down to a QQ may cost you even more money??? Cos this Aveo you will lose money, then you get another QQ you start to lose money again. Of course every time you change car, you have to pay transfer fees again, do maintenance again etc etc...Might be better off if you just tahan this aveo until scrap. Then you can get back at least 6-7 k




    Ask a stupid qns....


    If we scrap the car we got money back later? Not is it we use our money to scrap the car?

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