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  1. I am not sure used for how long and when was the last serviced if there is, as I just took over the bike early this year.
  2. Hey Guys, I am looking to swap my Ohlins rear shock for a stock suspension, model should fit 2008 to 2012 Street triple, please contact me if interested. Thanks 93673381
  3. Have an Ohlins Rear shock on my Street Triple R 2011 - 2012 model for swap with stock suspension, should be able to fit models from 2008 to 2012. For top up, looking at $500 Please contact me at 93673381 for pics. Thanks. Reason for selling is due to my bike is sold to shop, will want to dekit the aftermarket parts.
  4. hi can PM me the whatsapp group? thanks
  5. erm any of the classic riders interested to ride a rvf?? if so can take a look at my thread lookin to trade for a upright posture bike. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/355703-Mwts-rvf-good-condition-at-good-price!?p=7612006#post7612006
  6. hey bro still interested in the new ds lite? pls msg me at 92228381

  7. boss any spec 3 on sale?? and also how much is 1 first hand revo or spec 3?? thanks
  8. eh can i check wif u is the blue flame legalised for all specs of super 4?? and also.. is there any full system or something?? and wat r the pricelist? thanks... if possible could u pm me? thanks!
  9. bro, wanna know you letting go your sp soon? . ^

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