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  1. R u still doing cameron? Or done...

  2. Are you still riding up? Want to stretch my legs a bit

  3. Happy New Year Bro!

  4. Hi.you can check out bmwmcs.org that organises a monthly breakfast ride for bm bikers... Cheerio.

  5. Good for you..:)

    now let ride!!!

  6. Hi buddy! The st11 was great! Thanks to you. But i had to sell it off cos i was travelling like crazy.

    Just bought a 1995 R1100R and its a good machine! Slightly Rogher than the ST. But its unque! Always liked boxer engines from my old alfas!


    Now just looking for a backrest for this bike. Not easy to find! Sigh!


    Whats your phone number again? Mine is 96660889

  7. hi,


    yup, how the st 11 doing huh?

  8. Hey Nix


    Is that you?

  9. HI Cool79, just checking if the Revtec product did any good for your ST11.



  10. Just wanted to say HARLOW to the rider of a yellow duke along Tanjong Katong road yesterday (Wednesday) at about 8 pm.
  11. wah.. what made you get back on the bike :-)

    Then you must be old bird ...

  12. Hi, Still selling hose protective jeans? Call/sms me at 96156688 please.

  13. Hey mate.do you have any where i could get my sit cut and get a 2nd hand windsheild for st?

  14. just talk to pple whom i know? =)

    there are pple who got 10k +++++ posts de leh. mine considered little.

  15. I am very interested in your ET8. GENUINE buyer here. I understand that you are currently overseas. Do get in touch with me at my hp: 96391696 immediately, once you are back. Thank you very much and a Happy Chinese New Year!

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