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  1. Hey guys, I wanna check with you'll on which are the street legal pipes available for R1 2015? I checked with my shop and they said only Akra slip-on is street legal. Is there any other street legal exhaust available for R1 which gives a good perfomance boost and sound boost?
  2. I tried what you said, when I made a fist there was some gap. I think it will be a matter of getting used to riding with gloves as there is a sudden increase in throttle responsiveness when I wear them. I tried riding my bike in mode B today to test out the glove and I can control the bike really well. Its just in mode A , when its really responsive, the gloves make it really extremely responsive. So I guess I just need to get used to it. I'll try to get used to my current gloves for another 4 weeks, if its really hard, then I'll just try the open finger gloves as you said. Thanks!!!
  3. Hi guys, I've been riding roughly for about 12 years now. I am facing an issue which I would have never even thought would become an issue. I can't seem to control or feel the bike when I wear riding gloves!!! For 12 years I have never won a riding glove (only that durian glove when taking my license time), and I thought of wearing one so I just bought an alpinestars kinetic glove. The feel is so different. I cant feel how much power I am putting into the throttle and I can't control how much pressure I am putting on the clutch. I tried googling if anyone else had this issue and it seem
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