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  1. selling bike? ... intend to upgrade wat bike?

  2. Bro, selling my bike by September 2013 (next month) for $3000

  3. hi MJ,

    u got light yellow sinnob instock tak? how much is it? the size standard kan?

  4. mjbs64

    My Pulsar

    My 3 year old Pulsar 200 ... still going strong and beauty .... heheheh
  5. sorry bro .. i can't place the items ay UM .. previously did before but somehow they misplace the items and all uncomfortable with it .... pls have time to come n collect at my place .. sorry bro ...

  6. MJ, In that case, today can't make it. 9.30 too early and 10+ too late. I will schedule next week OK?


    Also, do you plan to come UM sometime next week? No pressure, but if you are coming - I can take the stuff there.


    Thanks for helping out either way. cheers.

  7. both items available for pic up .. but only after 10pm .. cos my class ended aroung 10pm .. by then reached home around 10+ ..


    Blk 368 Yung An Road Se 610368


    or u want to collect at my class at Zhenghua CC from 8pm - 9.30pm


    msg me so i can bring it down .. 97821440

  8. MJ,


    when can i collect the air filter and the brace? Are you free today evening around 9.30 to 10.00? My bike is due for service soon so I can do all of this together. Also need to change my tyres looking for a good deal. So let me know if its OK today. I also need your address bro.


    Alternatively, if you are coming down to UM at some point, can you bring them over? My office is like 5 mins from UM. Whatever works OK?


    I have changed my phone number to 94245935.




  9. notd wif thanks

  10. bro mj,


    i transferred. did you get it? I will collect the knn and the brace together. These days I am using tuas to go back home, so I can drop by your place.


    cheers, Hari

  11. Bro .. Can Transfer $60 for the Fork Brace asap .. ? .. tks

  12. Bro .. can Transfer $60 for the Fork Brace asap? .. tks

  13. Since my ride have reached (45589km)beyond the recomendation period for Top Overhaul which is every 30000km .. 4/8/2011
  14. KNN with me n received ur money too ... hmm i'm not jb fan so seldom go in ... will see how but let me know if u r coming to spore ... lol

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