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  1. yes Mah private limited 1179 serangoon rd,i ask some singaporean biker.and many got problem to this company.until today 5 month from i purchased.no refund at all,none.or even contact from them.they broke my reputation,take my money and use it for 5 month,lost my 3 time sg cost.dont buy from them tough. i buy bike they ask me for more money and give story.
  2. already did,police came to MP Ltd on serangoon.nothing they can do unless someone get punched.refered to CASE.and they cant help either.went to small claim court and they suggested to hire a lawyer....i never thought SG motobike shop did this kinda scammed. MP Ltd they are sponsored this forum too.u know ...after serangoon overpass,big building on the left.
  3. Sorry to write here,i dont know where to share for this case. I am sorry for my bad english,i am a foreigner,came to SG to buy a motobike for resell.buy on MP Ltd on Serangoon rd.got deal price for SGD 30k and delivery time promised for 2 month.delivery would be on SG.Deposit paid for SGD 9K.get written invoice and receipt. After 7 weeks there is no shipment arrival indication,i came to SG again and the sales told me they will use air freight to speed up under their cost. After 8 weeks,suddenly they contact me to ask for more SGD 4k as they will change their vendor supply to another as th
  4. Dear STWB1981,


    Hello,I am the guys who looking for FZ-1 accesory specially the fairing.I am not spore citizen so i am dont know where to buy in spore as i will go spore on next monday.i am looking all accessory for my FZ-1 2007on genuine and ermax product.Do you know where to buy these things? this far i order from hodaka but they dont provide all items i need.Thank you





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