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  1. Bro check my listing for honda wave thought you might be interested :-)

  2. meter cb400 still available???

  3. Yep for jap bikes kawasaki is the highest! Wonder why...
  4. testing 1234567890

  5. Posting on behalf of my father and I Lost of a Super4 VersionR (converted into circle headlights) 16/6/2011 Plate FN8661U . Last seen at JB Citysquare T.T... Here's a picture (Note it's without the box) http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=200545&d=1302704349 Also found a R125 (Yamaha Blue) plate FBE9115* with the JB Central Police Stn.
  6. If your friend lost his/her R125 (Yamaha Blue). Went to look for my own lost bike and saw a very savvy looking bike bearing that plate. Thought posting it here will make the transaction faster.
  7. Anybody lost his/her R125 in johor? Plate FBE9115*. Its with police custody.
  8. bro price for S4 verS and whether price includes installation?
  9. Of coz 1 shot. No need pay interest!
  10. How bout aftermarket rear swingarms? Make the rear wheel become further. Are those legal?
  11. haha no FC is fuel consumption. Right now my RD can tahan maybe ruffly 200km on a full tank(12L). And yea my suspension oso can tahan max 1 person. Nid to find a replacement.
  12. Bro got longer travel Rear suspension onot? I trying to find one for my RD125 oso. How's your FC like for this bike?
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