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  1. ups for this buyer

  2. Cum... this sunday you and me only go malaysia... calefe not included...
  3. happy to you too!! but no race to see liao.... evo chicken out???
  4. WOW!!!! got manager ah!!! COOL!!!
  5. haha.... just pump and go... i help to pay first so no need queue up!!!
  6. racer wannabe lah... not as fast as ppl... just come here type type lor...
  7. dun talk so much... when's the race
  8. dun think they need safety vehicle... they are the experts leh... i go see see look look can liao...
  9. im too slow to get ticket from TP... not as fast as you guys here... really wanna see and FEEL the blurring speed... must tell me where ok... i go finish point wait and see the 636 pass the line!!!
  10. tickets on sale already?? can get from sistic or not?...
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